From early life I have held a fascination for the Natural World. It is through my art making that I express my sense of wonder and awe at this exquisite organism. In many ways I work with the products of this earth. Pigments, wood, paper, resins, dyes, fire, inks and wax all form my tools for creativity. Sometimes it seems I am carving and moulding my internal environment to make it visible to the outside world.

As I age, it is my wish to expose the beauty of the weathered surface. Texture forms a major part of the work and the fascination to reveal this wonder continues.

Most of my work has a microcosmic/macrocosmic look about it, somehow familiar from either through a microscope or from the air. Whether the work is Painting, Printmaking or Encaustics, this truth shows through. “As above, so below”.

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