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Listed below are the various workshops I can offer. 


The cyanotype is a photographic printing process that produces blue prints using coated paper and light.

    Mixed - Media

As the title suggests: A mash up of all media. The opportunities are endless.


Collagraph is a printmaking technique which utilizes textures created on a substrate to make a textured plate. The plate can then be inked and printed onto rag paper using an etching press. 

Alcohol Ink Painting

Painting with Alcohol inks are usually made on synthetic paper or non-porous surfaces. Yupo accepts many mediums.

Relief printing

Woodcut  and Linocut are a relief technique which means the surface of the plate is printed. The wood used is Japanese ply and the image is gouged out using woodcutting/linocutting tools. Linocuts as the name suggests are cut from Lino.Usually, these prints are made with waterbased inks onto rice or bamboo paper and can be either made by passing through an etching press or by hand, using a baren.

Gelatine Plate

Making a Gelatine Plate is a simple process and the prints obtained from the plate have a look like no other form of printmaking. This technique utilizes stencils, drawing, resists and painting. It is basically a monotype technique. No press is required for this printmaking technique which can be used on textiles as well if using textile paints and inks. Water based inks and paints are used.


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